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Imager Project is open source software designed to provide a common platform to analyze and research image processing and computer vision algorithms. It is intended for a broad spectrum of topics ranging from photography to robotic vision. Students and researchers should find it relatively easy to start their projects using Imager.

Imager is designed to run on MS Windows 7, but with little effort it can be ported to any Operating System. The Graphical User Interface is implemented in C# WPF, and the algorithms are implemented in native C++ which are encapsulated in a managed DLL.

Usage of Imager and associated software is restricted to academic research and personal photo editing only.

Imager Project, Imager and associated documentation can be downloaded free from this site unless otherwise stated.


Software Download:


Stereopsis: Measuring disparity d=Lx-Rx.

Supported Functions:

  • Computer Vision
    • Stereopsis
    • Segmentation
  • Convolution 3x3
  • Convolution 5x5
  • Edge Detection
    • Prewitt Edge Detection
    • Sobel Edge Detection
    • Canny Edge Detection
    • Laplace Edge Detection
  • Filters
    • Box Filter
    • Binmomial Filter
    • Gaussian Filter
    • Rotational Filter
    • Median Filter
    • Blur Filter
  • Histograms
  • Noise Reduction

Refer to the Imager User's Guide for further technical information.


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