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Modeling & Simulation:
A Study in Unity

by Holger Findling | Sep 25, 2020

Digital Media
ISBN: 978-0-578-77441-1

Available at Kindle, Amazon

The book is intended for anyone interested in modeling and simulation using the Unity Game engine. The book does not focus on any specific game development, but introduces the reader to all concepts required to develop simulation projects. Numerous examples of C# scripting and shader developments are provided with detailed explanations. Examples include character development, state machines and animation, basic AI features using Navigation Meshes, Terrain and Texture design. The reader should be able to design and develop their own 3D games after understanding these design features. The book assumes the reader has an understanding of basic programming skills, but no further experience with C# programming or scripting languages is required. Prior experience in programming Unity is not required.

Basic Unity Script
Unity 2021.1.17f1.
The basic unity script is defined in Chapter 4, Introduction C# Scripting. the application.

  • BasicUnityPr.unitypackage
  • Project Suzanne
    Unity 2021.1.17f1.
    Suzanne is a primitive provided by Blender for testing purposes. In this download Suzanne is captured to a Unity Asset and includes a C# script which rotates the model and provides for an exit from the application.

  • SusannePr.unitypackage
  • Rotating Sphere
    Unity 2021.1.17f1.
    The project demonstrates obtaining a reference to a sphere gameObject which is rotating about another spinning cube gameObject.

  • SphereAndCube.unitypackage
  • Project Primitives
    In this package two Sphere game objects (primitives) from the unity editor are arranged to orbit a larger Sphere. Movements are controlled by a C# utility script.

  • Primitives.unitypackage
  • Project BouncingBall
    The bouncing balls are comprised of three Unity spheres. Each sphere is controlled by a separate animation clip and animator controller. No C# scripts are used for the animation.

  • BouncingBall.unitypackage
  • Project Collision
    A moving ball is colliding with a stationary ball, causing the stationary ball to move. Both balls are rigid bodies.

  • Collision.unitypackage

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